untamedtour7Franklin Zoo’s debut albun “UNTAMED” is finally released, which we celebrated with one of the craziest parties we’ve ever been a part of, and thus kicked off our  UNTAMED-tour, fall 2013 in Denmark, Finland, Germany and Holland:

13.09 – Paramount, Roskilde (DK)
20.09 – High Voltage, CPH (UNTAMED release party) (DK)
28.09 – Backstage, Aarhus (DK)
01.11 – Lygten, CPH (DK)
02.11 – Bands Of Tomorrow Awards (Winner of Rock Act 2013!!), CPH (DK)
12.11 – Amager Bio (support for Papa Roach), CPH (DK)
21.11 – Fatter Eskil, Århus (DK)
30.11 – Rust, CPH (DK)
04.12 – Cheri, Lahti (Finland)
05.12 – Torvi, Lathi (Finland)
06.12 – Secret Location! (Finland)
07.12 – On The Rocks, Helsinki (Finland)
12.12 – Sage Club (Berlin, Germany)
13.12 – Breakaway on stage, (Holland)
14.12 – TBA, Hamburg ( Germany)


UNTAMED album is released as download/streaming at most stores online, eg. iTunes, Spotify, WiMP, Deezer, Amazon, RDIO, Grooveshark.

– And as physical digipack CD’s from our webshop http://shop.franklinzoo.dk or from various stores in Copenhagen, such as Sex Beat Records (Studiestræde) and Rock Uglen (Frederiksborggade).