Franklin Zoo is true, high quality, and potent rock music out of Copenhagen, Denmark. The band is undeniably fueled by the 90’ies Seattle movement while still providing the sound with a contemporary progressive hard-rock feel. They represent a patient, heavy, and dragging groove driven by a strongly honest presence, power, and aggression. Top that with one of the best male rock singers Scandinavia has to offer, brutally honest melancholic lyrics, a kick-ass unified live-band, and this results in a unique, contagious and irresistible musical experience.

‘EP2012’ (2012) paved the way for their new, heavy grunge sound never produced before in Denmark. The year after followed the debut album ‘UNTAMED’ (2013). Both recordings resulted in massive international interest, which further resulted in much European touring in 2012 and 2013 (i.e. The Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Denmark and Finland).

In 2013, Franklin Zoo won the Bands of Tomorrow’s “Rock Act of The Year” award and in 2014 they won “Hard Rock Band of The Year” award presented by Fatter Eskil.

The band is presented unofficially as well as officially on SPOT-Festival for the fifth year in a row. Thus Franklin Zoo is regarded as one of the finest live rock experiences Denmark has to offer by the Danish rock connoisseurs. In addition, the band has experience with participating in bigger, international support setups and has Finnish-, German-, Dutch- and Danish local booking/management.

Franklin Zoo is signed on Mighty Music/Target Records in Copenhagen, Denmark.

On the 22th of May, 2015, Franklin Zoo releases a limited edition 7 inch vinyl, which serves several purposes. It is first and foremost a presentation of an even darker, heavy “Scandinavian noir”- and grunge- inspired music; a manifestation of the current state of their artistic journey. Secondly, it serves as the precursor of the next album, which will release in the spring of 2016.

This spring and the year out the band will be found presenting their newest material on various venues throughout mainly Northern Europe. In addition, the band is relentlessly working with new, exciting partners before headed to the studio in the late fall, where the next album will be recorded live.

Rasmus Revsbech (lead singer)
Søren Dabros (guitar)
Daniel Hecht  (guitar)
Anders Rune Hansen (bass)
Lars Bahr (drums)